UPDATE: EXPA Plus Chrome Extension

HERE you can download and add the NEW AIESEC Gery Chrome Extension.

What does it do?

If you install it, the Bookmarklet Gear to the top-right will ALWAYS be there, you don't have to click a button anymore to start it.


you need to be logged in with an @aiesec.de email-address to install the extension

AIESEC Bookmarklet (if you don't use Chrome)

Here you can get the new pimped Bookmarklet, which has many advantages:

Pull the pimped AIESEC-Bookmarklet into your bookmark-bar and go on EXPA.

Log in, activate the bookmarklet, have fun!

This is how it works


pimped Aiesec-Bookmarklet

This script automatically loads the up to date script from a server and activates it. This is why it is always up to date and does not need to be updated from you!


Up to date script

This script creates a sidebar on EXPA, which shows you the scripts that are currently available for the page you are on By clicking on "execute" the script will be activated.


idividual code

Every script contains individual and reusable code that will make your life easier.